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Access to top notch talent is a well-known pain point for organizations of all sizes. Stalwart, with its robust talent acquisition practice and a large and ever expanding captive database of quality people, fills those gaping holes within organizations. At Stalwart, we deliver a wide range of solutions to help your organization build a sustainable competitive talent advantage.

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Achieve extra ordinary results in a strategic and effective way

Our experience across sectors has given us the depth to handle complex hiring requirements with ease. Whether you’re looking to craft a recruiting strategy, find assistance building an internal recruiting capability, or engage on-demand executive recruiting, Stalwart can provide the tools, processes, talent, and guidance necessary to push your brand forward.

Contract Hiring

Stalwart’s Contract Hiring services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Your company can rely on temporary Contract Hiring services to support upcoming

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Leadership Hiring

Stalwart’s Leadership Hiring practice focusses on helping our clients identify the best leadership talent who can drive the organization forward in a steadfast and transformational way.

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Campus Hiring

Stalwart have extensive experience working with, university and affinity groups to ensure job opportunities. University Recruiting is an effective way to hire diverse, highly capable talent. It’s limited time frame means it’s also highly

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Assessment centre

Assessment centres are helpful when it comes to improving the quality of forecasts regarding a candidate’s future performance. The idea is to find out whether a candidate is a good fit in terms of both expertise and personality.

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Retained Search

When working on a retained basis with Stalwart Management, you can expect top-tier service and a guarantee on your search fulfilment. We can prioritize your search and ensure the best coverage for your business needs.

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Contingency Hiring

Looking for the perfect candidates to fill your open positions can put your overall work production on hold. Stalwart Management enables you to maintain the business-as-usual, while a team of recruiters search for the right talent

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Industry / Competitor Mapping

Before beginning the recruitment process, you want assurance that it will be effective. Inadequate planning or slow hiring leads to project delays. A mapping exercise can help you uncover potential risks and opportunities. Stalwart mapping helps you focus on understanding key strategic

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Attract and hire the best talent with our RPO experts and get real results with Stalwart’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution. With the right strategy, insights into real-time data, industry-specific experts and an efficient process, we can help you you accomplish your hiring goals

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