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Talent Acquisition

Talent is that critical asset, without which, no organization can achieve extra ordinary results.

Access to top notch talent is a well-known pain point for organizations of all sizes. Stalwart with its robust talent acquisition practice, fills those gaping holes within organizations with a large and an ever expanding database of quality people. At Stalwart Management Consulting, we deliver a wide range of solutions to help your organization build sustainable competitive talent advantage. Our experience across sectors has given us the depth to handle complex hiring requirements with ease. Whether you're looking to craft a recruiting strategy, find assistance building an internal recruiting capability, or engage on-demand executive recruiting, Stalwart can provide the tools, processes, talent, and guidance necessary to push your brand forward.

Permanent Hiring Recruitment Solutions

Hiring permanent staff can be a time consuming, capital heavy and labor intensive process. We at Stalwart intently listen to your requirements and craft recruiting solutions that help you avoid all the trouble mentioned above, so that you can focus on building your business and nothing else. We seek candidates that are a technical and a cultural fit for your organization. Our processes are time tested and have shown to work consistently over the years. We source the right talent by:

  • Conducting technical and aptitude tests
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Salary fitment
  • HR discussion/Offer Negotiation
  • Offer roll-out & post offer follow up

Contract Hiring Recruitment Solutions

One key word here is collaboration. Contract staffing as a service, is unique in the sense that, we recruit employees based on client requirements and assign them to client’s locations. These employees, in effect, are Stalwart employees who work out of client’s premises as their dedicated work forces and help them save time and capital. These professionals will blend with the processes of your organization and help you accelerate your growth. Stalwart effectively manages the HR, administration and regulatory compliances for those appointed candidates. Our single focus is to remove any road blocks on your journey towards success.


The trust our past clients have showered us with, has helped Stalwart build long term engagements. Such business relationships are highly effective for our clients, as we deeply understand your business, the type of candidates you may need your budgets, timelines and reduce the turnaround times gradually by becoming the single point of contact for all your current and future hiring needs. We understand that with every single hire your organization makes through us, our reputation and perception solidifies. We take that very seriously. We strive to deliver you the best blend of skills and character in individuals.

Below mentioned are the benefits of RPO:

  • Increased productivity
  • Skilled talent acquisition
  • Low Attrition of Recruited talent
  • Higher workforce Morale

Intergrated Shared Services Solutions

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