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In today’s business landscape, it is not enough to simply hire and let the employees hit the work pedal. Skill requirements at work are becoming increasingly complex and the skillsets that kept employees in good stead before won’t suffice anymore. Constant up gradation is the need of the hour. At Stalwart, as a result of thoughtful talent strategy, securing, retaining and maximizing efficiency of top work force is a part taken well care of. We understand how crucial some positions are within an organization and business leaders are constantly scouting for talent to fill in those gaps.

This consulting offering, also keeps in mind the demographics of your employees, volatility of the ecosystem you operate in and most importantly, the people challenges that you deal regularly on a real time basis.

Our flagship offering aims at bringing immersive and experiential learning models to your employees, which increases the productivity and therefore profitability for your organization.

The roots of this offering are embedded in the applications of Theatre, Music, Arts, Films and Adventure Sports. Our robust training and engagement modules will help to break personal barriers by deploying unconventional techniques of boosting performance and lead to significant transformation.

Workshops/ Training Modules

After identifying crucial levers based on skillsets which help build efficiency, we’ve broken down our workshops and modules into a number of verticals. These services are based on using the tools of Theatre, Music, Arts, Films and Adventure Sports with common themes of:

People Skills

  • OStress Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Peer-Peer Relationship d. Personality Development e. Communication

Functional Skills

  • Performance Management
  • Time management
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity Enhancement Initiatives
  • Customer Service
  • Collections
  • Sales Process

Behavioral Skills

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Team Building

Excellence Skills

  • Vision Workshops
  • Leadership & Innovation/ Connection
  • Goal setting & Positive Attitude
  • Team Building & Individual Excellence / Energy

Our Unique Approach

Every workshop or training session is crafted as per your needs. If there is a particular vertical that needs more emphasis, or you’re looking for an end to end management development program or a half day workshop, we help is customization solutions that benefit you the most. By applying the principles of drama based learning, our subject matter experts are able to unlock the blocks to help your team move forward. They incorporate theory and practicalities of the subject. We work with teams of all sizes and sectors across the globe, to deliver long lasting solutions that leave your people inspired to take actions differently.

Bespoke Services / Consultative Solutions

At Stalwart, every solution is we create is customized to help our client win. Our consultative solutions are crafted based on the mandates you provide us with. Our top notch professionals get to work to creating programs specially tailored for your employees. The topics to be covered as well as intervention time frames vary from client to client and are therefore designed to meet individual client needs. Here are some options:

  • 3 hour workshop
  • One full day workshop
  • Weekend workshop
  • Fortnightly workshop
  • Monthly workshop
  • Thrice a year workshop
  • Annual Event workshop
  • Interface workshop at the conference
  • Monday Morning Energizer workshop Morning Meditation 1 Hour workshop

TOOLS: Without application, theories don’t amount to much. With workshops designed to help you apply the various aspects of Performing Arts, some of the common tools we use are:

  • Adventure Sports (Like Para Gliding, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping etc.)
  • Theatre games
  • Creative ice breakers
  • Body language & blocks
  • Emotion & expression
  • Music, rhythm & song
  • Art & Color Therapy
  • Fun interaction & co-creation
  • Solo, Pair & Group activities
  • Film viewing & discussion
  • Improvisation 15. Visualization
  • Imagination
  • Reflection
  • Meditation

Added Benefits Of Our Workshops

While our endeavor is to help you have clear organizational benefits, our methodologies also help in building the softer aspects for your company, such as:

  • Close interaction amongst participants which has proven to reduce attrition.
  • Losing of inhibitions which have translated into a more engaged work environment.
  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • View point exchanges
  • Widening mental & emotional horizons
  • Raising social awareness
  • Widening of Perspectives
  • Owning up the power positions
  • Sense of personal responsibility & team dynamics
  • Feedback write ups reassertion
  • Multiplying the experiential learning nodes
  • Written, audio and video recording for affirmations
  • Open house performances
  • Trust, Faith & Rejuvenated Hope
  • Self Confidence and Optimism

Non Executive Directors


Ashutosh Rana

Master Story Teller, Optimal Thinker and Thought Leader

“Ashutosh Rana” needs no introduction as he is one of the few actors who wowed the nation with his spine chilling acts in his very initial releases - the Bollywood blockbusters Dushman and Sangharsh; and has since gone on to establish his credentials as a Power Performer – a tag – that a lot of actors aspire for but very few are able to achieve. His desire to become an Indian actor – and not just limit himself to being a Bollywood actor – has led him to star in movies across 7 Indian languages - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi and Haryanvi. For the uninitiated; movies in India are currently made in only 11 languages.

He is a man who doesn’t hesitate to dream and had the daredevilry to work towards realizing his passions; without feeling remorseful about it. After all, how many budding lawyers would even dream of giving up a successful career in LAW to chase their passion? Ashutosh did exactly that!! It is this self-belief that saw him overcome the lack of opportunities characteristic of any Indian village and has helped him make it big!! Besides being an avid reader, Ashutosh is a wonderful poet too.

Ashutosh has transcended from being just an accomplished actor, carrying a brilliant aura and a mesmerizing personality - into an accomplished orator and a leadership speaker. What makes his approach unique is the ability to marry concepts from epics and mythology and relate them to “everyday” aspects of both – the corporate and personal life.

A motivational speaker – par excellence – Ashutosh excels at “Awakening the Uncommon” by channelizing human energies to realize hitherto unachievable goals. Ashutosh partners very closely with organizations and individuals as a Growth Accelerator, leading them to attain their “True North”.


V. K Madhav Mohan

He believes in exponential growth! Therefore, his mentoring methodology is designed to help organizations grow in multiples, not fractions. This mandates an unshakeable commitment to learning and personal change right from the top. He has helped innumerable individuals graduate from novices to successful CXOs and entrepreneurs over the last 20 years

Specializes in:

  • Concept Workshops
  • Vision Discovery Workshops
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Mentoring Sessions
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Building Cash Balances
  • Process Design & Implementation Reviews
  • Open ended, long-term trust based mentoring

Strategic Contributions

  • Served on the Board of Directors of State Bank of Travancore (1996-2002) and contributed to growing the bank’s net profit 6 times during my tenure, drastic reduction of NPAs and massive implementation of IT
  • Served on the Reserve Bank of India’s first high level committee on campus recruitment (2002-03)
  • Served on the Reserve Bank of India’s high level committee on Capacity Building for Banks (2014); made several path breaking suggestions (online Banking Aptitude Test, Chief Learning Officer appointments in banks, mentoring for Boards of banks) all of which were accepted by the Committee


  • Mentored thousands of individuals to help them achieve exponential personal and professional results
  • Mentored companies and businesses to help them achieve exponential sales and profit growth
  • Helped one business group grow 50 times in sales over 10 years
  • Helped another business grow from USD 70 million and near bankruptcy to USD 2 billion over 18 years
  • Helped a contract research lab grow 20 times in 8 years and build free cash reserves equal to sales turnover
  • Created an implemented a cash generation technique that enable several businesses move from chronic cash shortages to massive cash surpluses
  • Crafted the concept and strategy for Rotary International’s Total Literacy Mission
  • Mentored Rotary International’s President (2011-12) in his transformational leadership role
  • Mentored Rotary International’s President (2015-16) in his business and personal leadership roles
  • Experiences garnered during my mentoring practice were documented and shared in my book “Lonely At The Top” published in 2013

S. Venkateswaran

He is the pioneering creator and author of Magic of Mind Power®, a transformation programme through experiential learning. A Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Company Secretary by profession, SV, as he is popularly known, is a specialist in finance profession with over 30 years of experience in managing finance and corporate affairs divisions in top-notch pharmaceutical, industrial products and automobile sectors. He has, in the course of his impressive career, developed and led large cross-functional teams in India and abroad — E Merck; Saud Bahwan Group – Muscat; Cabot; Smith & Nephew Healthcare and Goldshield Plc - UK.